Why You Don't See More Men At Weight Watchers Meetings

By David Cameron Google+

If you are a man and you have been to a Weight Watchers meeting lately, you were probably the only guy there. Does this mean that guys are in better shape and don't need to diet? Not really. In fact, there are actually far more overweight men than women. Then why don't men go to Weight Watchers meetings?

With a membership comprised of 95% women, this is what Weight Watchers has spent millions of dollars trying to figure out. They wouldn't share their results with me but the reasons are not that difficult to figure out:

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1) Men Are Less Apt To Ask For Help

It may sound cliché but it is still true. We men think that we can fix everything - even ourselves. It's something in our DNA that prevents us from reaching out for help.

2) Men Have A Self Image Too…

Like women, men have an image of themselves. Often it is an image from when they were much younger. It's really hard for a man to lose weight when they think they have the metabolism that can burn off that late night pizza in a day or two. Most men don't even know that this is the case and they suffer needless guilt.

3) It Is Unmanly To Be Vane

It is socially unacceptable for a man to worry about his looks. Okay, some men have no problem with this but for the majority of men; you can't turn to your best friend and ask: "does my belly look fat in this T-shirt?" It just doesn't work that way. Standing up in public and saying that you want to look and feel better is next to impossible for some men.

4) Men Are Uncomfortable With The Group Setting

Women are social creatures while men are not. Again, meeting in a group setting to publicly discuss his weight is something that most men just won't do.

5) Men Are More Comfortable With Technology

It looks like Weight Watchers has figured this out and worked really hard on their online and mobile programs. Men are self helpers. They want to fix themselves and the Weight Watchers online program seems to be designed just for them. Giving guys all of the necessary tools in one place seems to be working as the number of men in the online program has risen from 8% to 15%.

Men can now go online to the Weight Watchers website and follow the same program as if they were going to meetings but they also have access to recipes, exercises and fitness, and weight loss tips. With everything at his fingertips, it's no wonder more men are now using the Weight Watchers online program instead of going to meetings.

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Canadian Weight Loss Programs:
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