The Smoking Diet - Bad Diet Ideas

By David Cameron Google+

Before I start, for anyone who is actually considering taking up smoking just to lose weight, I just have to say that it is an incredibly dangerous and stupid thing to do! For those smokers who talk themselves out of quitting out of fear of gaining weight, this is an equally irresponsible way of thinking.

Do not attempt this!

There is a dangerous theory in the world today that smokers tend to be skinnier than non-smokers because smoking makes you lose weight. Some people actually take this idea so far as to view smoking as an acceptable way to lose weight!

Yes, this foolishness has become known somewhat darkly as "The Smoking Diet". This diet takes on many forms but essentially people are using smoking to lose weight.

Unfortunately, if you think that taking up smoking will help you lose weight, or not quitting your smoking habit will prevent weight gain, you are partly right but don't do it! Smoking will probably cause your body to lose weight (or at least not gain anymore) but smoking is very harmful to your health.

This Smoking Diet takes two very different forms: There are non-smokers who choose to start smoking to lose weight and then there are smokers who refuse to quit for fear of gaining weight. Although each group has different motivations, the health risks are exactly the same.

The Effects Of Smoking On The Human Body

The list of health problems related to smoking is growing every year. Emphysema, various cancers, lung disease, heart disease, constriction of the blood vessels (resulting erectile dysfunction in men), addiction and fatigue are just a few of the lovely by-products smokers can expect to experience. Is all that worth the risk of doing permanent damage to your body when there are plenty of healthy methods of weight loss available?

How Smoking Affects Weight Loss

Smoking has several effects on the human body that may result in weight loss but these results are only symptoms of the terrible side effects from the poisons being released into the body through the delicate lining of the lungs. Smoking raises the body's metabolism and the heart rate by 10 to 20 beats per minute. Your cardiovascular system thinks it is exercising even though you are at rest. Smoking suppresses the appetite and distracts from eating so many smokers actually eat less so they consume fewer calories. So you are burning more fuel and consuming less.

Why People Who Quit Smoking Gain Weight

It is no secret that people who quit smoking often start gaining weight. There are a couple of very simple reasons why. First of all, when a smoker quits, their body's metabolism suddenly slows down so the body is no longer processing food energy as quickly as it did under the influence of tobacco. In addition, smokers often use food as an oral replacement for their addiction to cigarettes. This addiction can be very powerful and make the food cravings difficult to resist.

The Risks Far Outweigh The Rewards

Simply put, smoking does cause the body to lose weight but only by causing great and long-term harm. If you are overweight, why put your health at even greater risk when there are safe and effective ways to reach the same goal? If you are using tobacco to lose weight or maintain your current weight (or thinking about it) please consider the long-term health risks and look for a healthier way to trim the pounds.

Canadian Weight Loss Programs
Canadian Weight Loss Programs:
Canadians have many diet systems and programs to choose from but don't believe everything you read. Many advertisements that you read are for American programs that do not serve Canada.
Diet and Nutrition
Diet and Nutrition:
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Exercise and Fitness:
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Bad Diet Ideas
Bad Diet Ideas:
We have all heard about crazy ways to lose weight. Some of us have even considered trying them! Do not risk your health for some kooky weight loss fad. You could end up doing yourself real long-term harm.