All About Jenny Craig Canada

Jenny Craig for Men

Jenny Craig understands men! You want to lose weight, eat food that tastes great and satisfies your hunger. The Jenny's Cuisine meals are both filling and great tasting. Plus, they are premade so you don't have to spend time grocery shopping or measuring carefully and especially cooking. All of the meals can be cooked in a microwave or oven. Jenny Craig For Men means no counting points!

Jenny Craig is another American based weight loss system that combines the nutritional awareness of Weight Watchers with the Nutrisystem meals-to-go delivered to your door. Like its competitors, Jenny Craig has two ways for members to lose weight. You can follow the plan entirely online or you can attend meetings at one of the over 650 local centre's located all over the US, Canada and Puerto Rico.

In-Centre Meetings

The Jenny Craig Centre are like a meeting place. For those who need the face-to-face support of meetings, this program offer weekly get-togethers where you can share your experiences with other members, get tips and program materials as well as pick up your next week of premade food.

Jenny Craig At Home

For those who prefer not having to go to meetings, you can enjoy the same great food, tools and personal support as members who go to meetings. All of your Jenny Craig food and program materials arrive by courier. This is great if you are busy and can't devote the time to attend weekly meetings. It is also ideal for people who live too far from the local Jenny Craig centre.

With Jenny Craig At Home, you are entitled to:

Canadian Weight Loss Programs
Canadian Weight Loss Programs:
Canadians have many diet systems and programs to choose from but don't believe everything you read. Many advertisements that you read are for American programs that do not serve Canada.
Diet and Nutrition
Diet and Nutrition:
Eating right can still be tasty and enjoyable. Depending on which weight loss program you follow, you would be surprised what you are allowed to eat. Sticking to a diet may be easier than you think!
Exercise and Fitness
Exercise and Fitness:
You may never look like one of those ripped guys who spend all their time at the gym but with a little work you can look and feel better. Plus, you can do most of that work at home without a gym membership.
Bad Diet Ideas
Bad Diet Ideas:
We have all heard about crazy ways to lose weight. Some of us have even considered trying them! Do not risk your health for some kooky weight loss fad. You could end up doing yourself real long-term harm.