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eDiets Canada is a leading provider of online weight loss services, information and products based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The company has over 100 full-time employees and reported revenues of $49 million in 2006. Millions of consumers each month visit the company's flagship Web site which is's "Best of the Web" in the diet and nutrition category. Millions more are active in the company's email programs.

Canadian Weight Loss Programs
Canadian Weight Loss Programs:
Canadians have many diet systems and programs to choose from but don't believe everything you read. Many advertisements that you read are for American programs that do not serve Canada.
Diet and Nutrition
Diet and Nutrition:
Eating right can still be tasty and enjoyable. Depending on which weight loss program you follow, you would be surprised what you are allowed to eat. Sticking to a diet may be easier than you think!
Exercise and Fitness
Exercise and Fitness:
You may never look like one of those ripped guys who spend all their time at the gym but with a little work you can look and feel better. Plus, you can do most of that work at home without a gym membership.
Bad Diet Ideas
Bad Diet Ideas:
We have all heard about crazy ways to lose weight. Some of us have even considered trying them! Do not risk your health for some kooky weight loss fad. You could end up doing yourself real long-term harm.